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Unit 100

Unit 100 expansion project - open now

The unit 100 expansion project is an incredible thing, it services the needs of our growing members base and will greatly improve our programming. Gneiss Climbing is a business that is focused on growth and providing value to our members and guests. We will always be looking for ways to improve, tweak and expand, we will never stop. We have once again selected the best wall builders in the world (Walltopia) and safest/best padded flooring in the world (Flashed) to build our new space. These suppliers come at a premium price but their quality and aesthetics are second to none.  . 


This perspective shows the new wall profile from the seating area. This space follows in suit with our philosophy that more walls does not equal better climbing gym. We have included a generous chilling area that will be finished with couches and ample space for stretching and conversations.


This perspective shows the cave feature with its extremely overhanging angle. The near horizontal section is almost two body lengths in depth and will provide lots of room for steep complex movement problems. 

slab and comp feature

This perspective shows the slab and comp feature. This slab is set up for balance problems and lateral movement with dynamic elements that can lead into the steep cave or comp feature. The comp feature is a classic 2 angle wall with a kicker flowing into a steep section and finished with a low angle top section. It is ~15' wide. 

team room

The space will be dual purpose, it will be open to all general public for the majority of time but will also be used privately for our programming; specifically our Youth Team, our Adult Team and our introduction to climbing courses. This private use will help distribute climbers during peak times by running large programs such as our Teams privately in an enclosed space to help overall user safety and also will allow more effective coaching and direction. Our Youth Team is growing and developing super fast and the climbers coming out of it will define the next level of growth in our community. To further facilitate growth for our gneiss youth we need to commit and move them into a private setting where their safety is paramount and we can coach them more effectively.  

The unit 100 expansion project will also offer the perfect setting to introduce an exciting new program, the Gneiss Adult Climbing Team, to be coached by the uber strong and experienced Will Barnes. This program is designed for passionate and dedicated climbers looking to reach the next level, they will receive two sessions of coaching per week, to be held privately in our new space, personalized training programs and an awesome team to train with all winter season. Never has their been a better opportunity to  achieve your goals and improve your strength and technique. All interested individuals (age 16+) are encouraged to get in contact with us, email